Explore our tasty Volcano Etna DOC region produced, hand-picked and harvested bespoke wines, available in our cellar door and online. The DOC territory is closely tied to the biggest volcano in Europe, and the most active volcano in the world, Mount Etna of 3300 meters above sea level and Unesco World Heritage. Much of the volcano is covered with crops and natural vegetation, where the grape vine has always played a major role. Evidence exists that ancient grapes are proven to be dated before man ever stepped on the island; however it was only after the colonization era that populations devoted themselves to agriculture and viticulture. 

The soil is volcanic and very rich in minerals. It is formed by the disintegration of one or several types of lava of different ages and eruptive materials such as lava, ash and sand. Containing all these particles, the vines cultivated on our soil, benefit from nutrients like iron, copper, phosphorus, magnesium among others. We grow Nerello Mascalese and Carricante.

Our aim is to attempt to minimize environmental impacts while ensuring a safe, healthy workplace through the use of environmentally friendly practices when developing the most tasty wines. Organically grown grapes, without the usage of chemical products are at the core of our pride, followed by manual harvest and hand picked grapes. We make a multitude of choices regarding the practices used to manage vine growth, weeds, and soil fertility. We are fond of our world, and in order to ensure long term vine health we need to prioritize biological diversity. We are completely aware and are caring to inform the world that there is a strong connection between the long-term health of a vineyard and the number of species that inhabit it. That is why Etna Terre Normanne, while being a natural paradise, only counts one third of its acreage devoted to vineyards creating a protective buffer zone, and it’s not unusual to spot foxes, rabbits or other wild animals. 

We keep the pest population in check by housing birds in our vineyard. In addition, we keep and chickens, grow heirloom tomatoes and vegetables, and press oil from our olive trees. Thanks to diligent farming together with collaborators who understand our philosophy, our vines render the raw materials to make great wine. We use compost to maximize soil health. We utilize weather stations, soil probes, and plant tissue samples throughout the season to limit irrigation. It’s a balancing act designed to get the best out of our estate—one that yields vine health and delicious fruit. 

We strive to be ecologically friendly by reducing our energy consumption and protecting the environment. This year Etna Terre Normanne is installing a solar photovoltaic power electric system with the ultimate goal of becoming energy self-reliant and reducing greenhouse gas production.