Our Tale

This is our story

A project, two Scandinavian women, an ambitious Italian-Swedish family, the sole goal of keeping the value of taste and enjoyment as unchallenging and simple as possible. We have travelled around the world in search of diversity of cultures and instructed ourselves on how different cultures were showing the most out of themselves by giving a sense of place and self. We believe in sustainable farming, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fine wine, family enterprise, and in supporting local communities.

After recently finding this oasis of peace and restructuring it to a beautiful, elegant yet simple site, we have surely found our hidden gem of a place in this amazing views and tasty food. Now we are ready and thriving to show the world what our culture is really about, and we are proud to be the hosts of this breathtakingly beautiful Etna Doc estate, while ensuring the most amazing experience with a glass of fine wine at your fingertips.